Tattoo Cover Up


Conceal your tattoo today. Flaunt it again tomorrow.

If you love your tattoo but are worried it may compromise your chances of nailing that new job or impressing your future in-laws, you need Hide Ink tattoo cover-ups. They’re the quickest and easiest way to conceal your tattoo – without the mess of make-up or the pain of laser surgery.


Quick Facts

  • Suitable for all skin tones and body parts
  • For tattoos of all shapes and sizes
  • Apply once for instant results – no need to layer or reapply
  • Lasts for days
  • Waterproof – with no risk of transfer onto clothes
  • Comfortable, painless and hypoallergenic

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How does it work?

Hide Ink tattoo cover-ups are a short-term tattoo removal solution. They are applied directly onto the skin on top of your tattoo.

Designed for all skin tones – however light or dark – one 30-second application of Hide Ink will conceal your tattoo in an instant. Effortlessly and painlessly.

Who is it for?

Hide Ink cover-ups are ideal for those wanting to cover up tattoos without make-up or laser treatment. Temporary tattoo cover-ups are the perfect way to look your best at important events such as:

  • Job interviews
  • Weddings or other big celebrations
  • Stage performances
  • Professional photo shoots

How many applications will I need?

For most people, one application is enough. However, cover-ups of different shades can be layered to achieve the precise coverage and colour you need.

How do I remove my temporary tattoo cover-up?

The removal process is quick and painless. Simply apply household rubbing alcohol or baby oil to the treatment area for 15 seconds. Then use a cotton ball or cloth to wipe excess liquid away.


How much does it cost?

6 sheets (7cm x 9cm) $24
12 sheets (7cm x 9cm) $38
24 sheets  (7cm x 9cm) $52
10 sheets (10cm x 15cm) $35




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