Cosmetic Tattoo


Wake up With Makeup.

Free up your time, cut your morning routine in half – and say goodbye to smeared make-up once and for all! Softap Cosmetic Make-Up Tattoos will keep you looking fresh and polished around the clock.*

Quick Facts

  • Free initial consultation
  • Drastically reduces your ‘getting ready’ time
  • Performed by professionally trained technicians
  •  Lasts up to three years*
  •  Minimal to no pain or downtime*
  •  Only 60 minutes per treatment
  •  Ideal if your skin is sensitive to conventional make-up

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What is Permanent Make Up Tattoo?

How is Softap' different from other methods on the market?

Softap boosts natural radiance and creates new dimensions, those that mother nature neglected. Softap’s goal is to give women increased confidence and self-esteem through their looks. This process can provide “that certain something only mother nature can bestow”.

Softap uses no machines; instead a unique pen with needle attachments of up to 12 needles is used to gently tap color into the skin. Clients testify to the comfort of the system and 36 rich natural long lasting color pigments add to the unique natural beautiful finish.

Why Come to Us For Cosmetic Make Up Tattoo?

’Softap’ can outline your eyebrows with natural tiny hair markings; with a soft eyeliner, the edge of the eyelids can be emphasized; and the lip contours can be painted over and your own lip color enhanced. Softap is a unique gentle system, which uses natural definition as it enhances facial features. The technical consultation at the start of your treatment is very important. Once your individual pigment is blended this is then applied by the SOFTAP technician who tests the effect. Only when you are completely sure of the desired result will the treatment begin. The treatment time is approximately one hour.

Also for Sensitive Skin

Our colors are natural and hypoallergenic and are suitable for sensitive skin.

The Result

The Result

The result of the treatment is reviewed two weeks after the first session. Should the toning be too pale, a second treatment may be necessary. We file the individual mixture of colors used for you, and can re-blend that individual color for further touch-ups.

If you have been encouraged to try the ‘SOFTAP’ system, please arrange a free consultation with a trained technician in your area.


Treatment Information

How do I know if the treatment will help my appearance?

If you have over plucked your eyebrows to the extend that the hair growth is patchy or non-existent in places or if your lips are an irregular shape or scarred from an injury, your appearance can most definitely be improved. In addition, if your eyes are very pale or small, this system can permanently define and enhance the shape of the eyes.

Is the process safe and is it painful?

The process is very safe as the specially designed needles do not breakdown the skin and all treatments are performed in sterile conditions with fresh needles being used for each client. As the needles gently tap the color into the skin, any discomfort is minimized with the application of a topical cream to the area prior to the treatment.


If you have diabetes or suffer from Hemorrhaging (bleeding due to certain medical conditions), cancer, cold sores, Hepatitis, AIDS or allergies you must not go through with this cosmetic procedure and MUST inform the clinician immediately.

Can I go back to work after the treatment?

Most clients will experience a small degree of puffiness after the treatment; normally this will disappear within a short time after the treatment. Most clients show little sign of the procedure after hours.

How long will it last?

The results will last up to 3 years, depending on how much color is put in.

Result Gallery

View The Results

Before and after pictures (such as those shown below) can be an important part of your cosmetic treatment research and are not a guarantee or a blue print for your treatment.

Each treatment, patient, laser operator and result is unique!

You are, however, safe in using photos to explore your options and to evaluate your expectations.



Permanent Make-Up Prices:

Eyebrows: $495

Upper Eyeliner: $360

Lower Eyeliner: $360

Upper and Lower Eyeliner: $650

Lip liner (Upper and lower): $550

Lip Fill: $630

Beauty Spots $120-$160

* All Prices cover both visits for implantation of colors. Consultation is necessary in order to evaluate expectation and concerns.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. All photographs represent one person's experience, and results may vary for each patient. All photographs are of actual patients from Instant Laser Clinic. The visible change in these photographs has occurred as a result of the procedure/s undertaken. Some before and after photos shown are not exact, in that they vary in light, contrast, clothing, background, distance from camera, hairstyle and make-up.